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Plant growth is dependent on hundreds of factors and millions of variables.Information given on the website is to be used in carefully taking local factors into consideration. Appropriate user discretion is advised. mrfarmer.in cannot and will not be held responsible in any way for losses incurred due to information given.

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Light Requirement:


 These symbols indicate sunlight need of a particular plant for its healthy growth. Some plants from humid regions, which flourish in full sunlight, will need semi shade locations in drier regions. Full sun = need direct sunlight daily for 6 to 8 hours. Semi shade = need partial sunlight; i.e. tender sunlight in the morning or in the evening. Diffused light = under shade-net or in bright light near windowsills, in balconies or under trees.

Water Requirement:

These symbols indicate approximate need of water for a particular plant. Due to climatic changes in different regions or in the same region but in different seasons or due to differences in soil structure, water requirements will vary from what is indicated.

Flowering & fruiting season indicators are approximate and are relevant to Goa  in India. The seasons may differ depending upon climatic conditions of different regions. Also, note that when the season is indicated as winter & summer, it means that flowering / fruiting occurs for some period between these seasons.

Summer = March, April, May,
Monsoon = June, July, August, September, October
Winter = November, December, January, February

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