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Irrigation and Sprinkler Design, Installation and Repair

Mr. Farmer (India) Pvt. Ltd has a well staffed team of Engineers and technicians to carryout any of the required irrigation works. Our irrigation team has experience with a variety of irrigation and sprinkler systems. From full design and installation of a new irrigation system to basic head repairs, our irrigation specialists can provide you with professional and timely service. Our irrigation team performs installation and repair work on both residential and commercial properties. Our extensive knowledge of both fully automated systems or manually operated systems as the choice maybe, has allowed our irrigation team to become the relied upon source for Residential/commercial irrigation installation & repair in Goa. Below are a few of the most popular irrigation and sprinkler services offered by Mr. Farmer (India) Pvt. Ltd

  • Residential Irrigation Design
  • Residential Irrigation Installation
  • Residential Irrigation Repair
  • Commercial Irrigation Design
  • Commercial Irrigation Installation
  • Commercial Irrigation Repair

Our strong customer service level and attention to detail has earned us irrigation installation and repair work with a number of clients both large and small. Mr. Farmer (India) Pvt. Ltd always strives to put our customers first and provide exceptional customer service throughout the entire process. The quality of our work along with our vast knowledge of leading edge industry technology is what sets us apart from other irrigation contractors in the state. If you are interested in having our irrigation team implement your next sprinkler project or repair and existing system, please call the office near you and we will have someone from our team contact you shortly.




Water is the giver of life. While all living organisms require water, we are here  talking about plants. Plants are sensitive to and totally dependent on water to receive all their nutrition. Therefore it is imperative that they are neither stuffed nor starved of this life giving commodity. True, you can use a garden hose to wet your garden and yes those plants will grow well, or so you think, until you have seen the difference that having an irrigation system can make, specially if it is an organised plantation.

Be it a home garden a commercial garden space, a spice garden or a fruit grove, they need to be catered to individually or in selective clusters as every plant has a specific quantum of water it requires. Plants, like humans, respond and reciprocate to attention, gentle caring and love. The manner and measure in which you give it to them makes all the difference.

Recognizing this ardent need, to bring forth the best of reciprocal expression, modern technology has devised just the right means for you to achieve this end. And we bring it to you in the form of an irrigation system thats professional and versatile. It can be designed and installed just for you, meeting the unique needs of your garden and making sure that water and nutrients to your plants are dispensed correctly at all times, hence  keeping away those invaders we commonly call weeds. Thus, making your life most pleasant, trouble free, and enjoyable at the same time, bringing out the best in each plant.

The irrigation systems we provide, from simple drips and sprinklers, to those computer aided setup’s, are all big water savers and known to reduce labour and time by up to eighty percent.

So tell me ? Would you prefer to have a hose dragged round your garden? Or would you prefer to walk around your beautiful garden awestruck by their resulting rich green glory, amidst the incredible colours of their bloom?